Atulayan Island, Camarines Sur

The name of this island was derived from the term "atol" which in Bicol means snail. From afar the island indeed looks like a snail with slopes and curves extending from the top to the shorelines.

It was 8am in the morning when we reached the wharf where boats are waiting for those who want to go to the Atulayan island. Each boat could be rented for PhP 1,500, which is good for 10 persons. Atulayan is about 30-minute boat ride from Nato.

This island which was once featured in a French/Italian movie "Mutiny in the South Seas" is located a few kilometers off Nato beach. The island is under the Municipality of Sangay in Partido, Camarines Sur.

The island was blessed with white sand even though Mayon volcano was just a few kilometers away from it. The waters are also inviting because it was clean and clear. Fishes are visible near the shore.

According to one of the locals, there were electricity available through solar panels before but since the Philippines is a tropical country, typhoons had destroyed it. Now, the islands source of electricity was through a generator.

The view of Mount Isarog from the island was spectacular. The whole island was not blessed with only pure white sand but also with rocky shorelines.

Cottages are available for the public to rent on for PhP 500, good for the whole day of stay. Cemented toilets are available too with fresh water being supplied for rinsing after taking a dip.

Locals considered Atulayan island as their Boracay hidden in Camarines Sur. Although it is not that posh enough, the gift of nature is satisfying! c",)

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ahron zarzoso said...

lease add me.

look at my albums about Atulayan Island.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

thanks again for the immediate response Ryan. happy travels! =)

Anonymous said...

may hotel b 4 overnight stay?

rairaiken said...

sorry but there are no hotels within the island, locals only live here..

Anonymous said...

is there any possible and safe place to stay over night at atulayan, and how much it will cost/ i just want to know what is the package you are offering

Anonymous said...

please message me at i need more information about atulayan,, coz where planning to go there on april 7 to april 8, 2012,, i want to know how much the package you are offering,, thank

Easy Travel and Adventures said...
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