Bonete Bread

Pandesal? Nope. Its called the 'Bonete'. It is San Pablo, Laguna's pride when it comes to this bread even it is smaller than pandesal its popularity for the locals was enormous because of its special taste that once you've tried it, I'll bet you'll have another piece or even the whole bag.
Wonder how high was the demand for these breads from the locals? According to one local, long queues happens every dawn. The bakery even gives out queue numbers to their customers just to organize the crowd. The bread were even available the whole day to support its demand.

Although there were different versions of 'Bonete' in Cavite and Batangas, it still ends with its one specific taste, which makes its special and unique. It's the butter that was already spread before it was baked and the salty taste either at the top or at the bottom of the bread. You may even eat it without any spreads or fillings inside.

I've read that there were bakeries in Manila and Quezon City, who bakes these too. I wonder if there were bakeries from the South who bakes them too. c",)

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